Mystery Bring European Lifestyle to Kazakhstan with Crêpe Café Design

Mystery Ltd.’s latest innovative casual dining concept has taken contemporary European lifestyle to Kazakhstan, with the launch of The Crepe Café, a modern classic crêperie in the heart of the Kazakh capital, Astana.

Kazakhstan has a hunger for modern, European style cuisine and western dining trends, and the Crêpe Café concept is perfect for the aspirational, fashionable and family oriented demands of Astana, serving classic French savoury and sweet crêpes with a Kazakhstan twist.

The client, Adilet Zakiyev, a Kazakhstani entrepreneur wanted a sociable, fun and welcoming atmosphere, that was casually stylish for image-conscious people. His crêperie ideal was simple and clean, fun and family oriented that would encourage people to spend time relaxing and interacting with each other rather than simply grabbing a quick bite to eat. Using high quality, sourced ingredients and with affordable prices, the Crepe Cafe will attract both daily regular, local customers as well as occasional diners.

Brand Positioning

Following an intensive brand workshop, Mystery outlined the concept, brand personality and positioning in order to create the look and feel of the new restaurant.

The Crêpe Cafe personality archetype was deemed to be the explorer, a personality that aims to “seek adventure in the everyday”.

The defining characteristics of the explorer include an adventurous spirit and a restless, desire for discovery; passion for the foreign and exotic; yearning for new experiences and initiative. Their focus is on concepts and experiences that are pioneering yet authentic.

Brand Identity

The contemporary, fun and evocative brand identity design was inspired by the fluidity and flow of crepe mixture in hot pans. Creating a soft, fluidic logo echoes not only the fluffy, soft crepes, but the drizzling and pouring of toppings, flavours and sauces.

Interior Design Concept

“Given the weather in Kazakhstan, it was essential to create a space that was both functional, engaging and full of character, but easy to clean!! We spent time with the client detailing the layout of the space to create specific zones, each tailored to a different type of customer. The high level seating provides a perfect space for those who will sit with their laptops and work while the cushioned banquette seating and large round tables provided a great base for large families,” said Mystery in their release.

“For this family oriented, contemporary space, we created a kids’ counter that was a spin-off, mini version of the main counter and allowed kids to finish off making their crepes with help from parents.”

Design features include a frying pan design for messaging on the walls to inspire creativity and interaction; and a lovely gooey drip feature, that serves as a coat rack too, with the drips of pancake-making also being reflected on the front counter.

A clever feature to encourage connection and social communication is a table mat selfie frame that allows customers to interact with each other pre-dinner, by creating a selfie of the people opposite and another template frame to take photos of food to share on social media.

“It was great working with Mystery. From our first conversation, the team established a strong understanding of what was to be done, how the concept was to be perceived and how it should look. Based on that first proposal, what has been produced has been spot on. Needless to say, all the deadlines were met. Throughout the building and implementation process of the project, any questions we had were quickly addressed. Our concept is now finally live and I would like to thank Mystery for their great work!” — Adilet Zakiyev, Crêpe Café.

Following their interpretation and implementation of Mystery’s design, Adilet Zakiyev’s team at Crêpe Cafe’s has created an incredibly popular family destination with over 2000 likes on their Instagram page gained in the first week of operation.

Source: Mystery Ltd.

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