Mystery Helps Grateful Kitchen Redefine the Healthy QSR Format

project-header-image-web2-1136x560Design house Mystery Ltd. was commissioned to help take a hugely popular healthy food kiosk concept in London’s Canary Wharf and redefine it as a scalable QSR format. The brief included the design of the brand identity, interior design scheme and takeaway packaging.

Grateful Kitchen has been designed to provide all-day fresh, healthy, contemporary and affordable breakfast and lunch options for local Canary Wharf professionals and offers wholesome, simple food with a Mediterranean vibe, including artisan salads and gourmet roasted coffees. Everything is prepared daily in-house using fresh ingredients and served by well-trained and knowledgeable staff.

Brand Positioning


“Following a brand positioning workshop, we defined Grateful Kitchen as being The Artisan archetype. This is an evolution of The Creator archetype (that focuses on invention, artistry and vision), and represents a passionate focus on skill, knowledge and craftsmanship.

The Artisan is highly skilled in his or her craft and trade, engaging and inspiring others through the brilliance and innovation of their work. As the Artisan archetype, Grateful Kitchen constantly strives to deliver the very best, employing the highest standards and expecting the utmost quality in healthful food,” said Mystery on their website.

53348_1-column-grateful-kitchen-signageBrand Identity Design

“We wanted to draw the focus towards the kitchen as the hub of activity, skill and quality through hand-painted Mediterranean tiles whose playful pattern also helps create an uplifting environment.

We used refreshing, Mediterranean turquoise contemporary lettering to form a simple logo mark. For artwork, menus, business cards and other marketing material, the logo was also produced in a glazed wash paint effect to mirror the hand-painted ceramic tiles,” continued Mystery.

Interior Design

The fresh and authentic concept balances simplicity and openness with imaginative detailing and quirky design elements. Grateful Kitchen’s interior is pared back, linking to the simplicity of the branding with a bright and airy space which is given warmth through the use of beautiful hand-carved, natural wooden stools and lattice room dividers; wooden cladded walls and beams.

Mystery created an innovative approach to the customer flow dynamic by designing a separate order counter for hot drinks and baked goods, freeing up the main savoury and salad counter to serve time-starved lunchtime customers twice as fast.


Grateful Kitchen has quickly become a popular breakfast and lunch destination for Canary Wharf professionals looking to satisfy their healthy lifestyle aspirations.


Source: Mystery Ltd.

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