Mystery Ltd. Provides Branding For JOM Organic Candy

Mystery Ltd. was approached by candy entrepreneurs, Anna and Josefin Nilsson to help them create the name, brand identity and packaging for a new brand of organic confectionery.

Swedish sisters Anna and Josefin love to eat sweets! Living and studying in London, they started craving the pick and mix varieties of home. Their regular trips back to Sweden provided them with stashes to last a while, but it wasn’t enough. So, the entrepreneurial pair set up their own sweet shop, SugarSin in Covent Garden – with great success.

Not content with simply selling sweets, the dynamic duo, who are also conscious about health and the environment, decided to create their own purer, organic, vegan and ethically-conscious candies, with a perfect chewy texture. They approached Mystery to help get their concept to market.

“While brainstorming name ideas, the team fell victim to the taste and texture of these utterly amazing sweets and couldn’t keep their hands off them: “Oh go on then, I’ll have another one…”, “These are so good”, “OK, Just one more”… A name was born: JOM! Just One More,” said the design house on their website.

Brand Vision

JOM’s raison d’être is to change the perception of sweets, by creating a range that is both pure and indulgent – free from contamination and allowing pleasure.

With a brand vision identified as “Pure Indulgence,” this forms the heart of all branding and communication; packaging style, graphic language, online presence and social media.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Mystery revealed: “The shape of the sweet and the packaging developed from the natural fruit shape segments and smiles, of course! Creating a cheerful and playful brand, we have ensured the candy’s shape captures the emotion of happiness – and what says happiness better than a big smile?”

The logo mark developed from using the Scandinavian letterfom Ø to highlight the brand’s heritage, while referencing the shape of the sweet. The design experts also needed this to be a simple and easily recognisable logo mark as it will be reproduced at a small scale on the packets.

The packets themselves are designed to be simple, playful, as colourful and tactile as the sweets themselves and just the right size to pop in your pocket.

Anna & Josefin, co-founders of JOM said: “We loved working Mystery. They made us feel very involved in the entire design process. They really understood the ethos of our brand and managed to capture our vision. We would highly recommend them, and we’re looking forward to work with them soon again!”

JOM Organic Candy is set to take both the UK and Scandinavia by storm, having just launched in Planet Organic in the UK, in health food retailer, Etnomat in Sweden, and Foodist in Germany, and with plans to launch shortly in Norway and Denmark. Working with wholesalers, Suma, Tree of Life and Diverse Fine Food, JOM’s first two flavours, Fizzy Caramel and Wild Raspberry will also launch in As Nature Intended in March.

Source: Mystery Ltd. 

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