Nestlé Creates a World of Nutrition in New Campaign by McCann Health

Imagine creating a world good enough to eat. Nestlé has created a campaign by McCann Health Sydney, produced by FSM, designed to generate interest in a new health portal that covers the first 1000 days of a child’s development.

McCann_Health_FSM_Nestle_01 (1)This world represents the start of a journey to a healthy future through Nestlé’s “Start Healthy Stay healthy” nutrition hub.

June Laffey, executive creative director, McCann Health Australia and SE Asia said: “Our idea was to create a world of nutrition where young families played and thrived. Core to the campaign was using the metaphor of outdoor activity to reveal healthy food and lifestyle choices.”

nestle_05-800x450Emile Rademeyer, creative director, FSM added: “48 heads of broccoli, 10 toddlers, 3 food stylists, 2 paper mâché blueberries and a giant crane. It was a miniature shoot of epic proportions. The technology team at FSM custom-engineered and programmed a series of LED’s to ingeniously scale up the miniature camera moves 34 times in size.

nestle_03-800x450This was used as an innovative guide to match the miniature camera moves to their live action counterparts. With the help of the LED guide, the moves were replicated perfectly to match the miniature camera moves with any discrepancies locked down in post-production composite.”

FSM handled both film and print components of the campaign.

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