New Burger King Spot Sees Furry Fidos Fiending for Flame-Grilled Food

With the flame-grilled tasting bone, customers with dogs will finally be able to enjoy their order without the pleading looks from their pets.

It is very complicated to enjoy your Burger King order in peace when you’ve got a dog licking its lips just inches away from your burger. That’s where the difficult interior struggle begins: you really love your dog, but you really want your hamburger.

According to a study carried out by Burger King, 65 % of dog owners admit that their furry friend begs for food when they order a take away; and at least half of those share what they order.

So that the more than 128 million families (in the USA and Spain) that have a pet dog can enjoy their Whopper in peace, Burger King has launched Dogpper; the first bone for dogs with the classic flame-grilled taste of its hamburgers.

With this idea, La Despensa announces the Burger King Delivery service in a different way, offering its consumers a real solution. Throughout September, all users that want to can add a free Dogpper to their orders made online and via the app.

The spot, directed by Martín Kalina, director of “Fathers in Slip”, captures this moment of tension. The owners discover that, once again, their dogs have appeared right when their delivery arrives.

The graphic campaign has been undertaken by the prestigious photographer Ale Burset and has powerfully been able to depict the pleading expressions of different dogs: pity, anger, sympathy… each dog uses its best weapons to get their paws on your food.

The campaign will be broadcast on television, outdoor and digital advertising and social media. Spain will be the first country where owners and pets can enjoy a Dogpper, and this is expected to soon be launched globally.

Source: Little Black Book

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