New Look For Tesco Finest

t4606-tesco-finest-swiss-milk-chocolate-cop_660Tesco has begun rolling out a new look for Tesco Finest, its premium product category.

Parker Williams is behind the design of a new range of 12 Tesco Finest chocolate bars, but neither Parker Williams or Tesco can confirm if the consultancy has worked on any other ranges in the Finest category.

Each chocolate pack has been designed to reflect ‘artisan qualities’ of the products, which have been developed by chocolatiers with over 60 years experience.

Pack illustrations have been designed by Parker Williams in-house and by working with preferred illustrators.

The illustrations show ‘the character, origin or unique flavours associated with each type of chocolate,’ says Parker Williams.

Tamara Williams, creative planner at Parker Williams explains, ‘Eclectic typography helps to express the care and consideration taken with each recipe while embossing on the labels and foil blocking on the Finest brand marque demonstrate the real attention to detail. They are wonderfully collectable’.

When opened, the matt finish packaging gives way to tasting notes showing further information on each variant such as provenance and ingredients.

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