New Research Reveals Britain’s Favourite Cuisines and How Much they Spend on it

Over 1 in 3 Brits voted Chinese as their favourite type of takeaway, Indian came in second and Pizza third. According to a survey conducted by Paymentsense on 2000 people across the UK, more than a fifth of people order a takeaway once a week. The average amount spent on a takeaway is £9.75 so this means the people who get a takeaway every week spend £507 a year.

Women on average spend more than men on takeaways however, they seem to order them less frequently – the majority of women order takeaways less than once a month. Whereas the majority of men order them at least once a month.

Who do people order takeaways with? Over half a Brits order their takeaways with their partners but 14% order their takeaways on their own! A fifth of 18-24 year olds order takeaways with their friends and more than 1 in 10 25-34 year olds order takeaways with their parents.

The top 10 takeaways are detailed below and with the average amount spent on each, per person, per order.

Transaction data from Paymentsense merchants shows takeaway transactions from January 2016 – January 2017 for different regions across the UK.

Interestingly, despite the rise of technology and mobile apps to order takeaways, calling the takeaway to order food is the most popular way to do it (57%), online is the second most popular way to order and physically going in to the shop is third. Only 18% of people order their takeaways through an app.

Source: Paymentsense

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