New Soho Kitchenless Restaurant Design Celebrates “The Tin”

TinCan_660A new tinned seafood restaurant in London’s Soho is opening this week, with designs by AL_A which take ‘the tin as the hero’.

The temporary space, named Tincan, will be operating for six months. AL_A created all interior and graphic designs, inspired by its work designing a new Lisbon-based cultural centre, where it found a fishing tackle shop which was transformed into a restaurant serving only tinned seafood.

Tincan aims “to bring the culture and sensibility of an architect’s studio to a restaurant serving the best tinned fish in the world,” according to AL_A.

TinCan_661AL_A director Max Arrocet says: “We wanted to elevate the tin to an object of desire. Sometimes [in Lisbon] we’d buy the tins just for the packaging, not what’s inside.”

Tincan will operate as a kitchenless restaurant and a retail space, selling a curated selection of tinned seafood sourced by AL_A.

“It became a bit of a hobby finding all these different tins,” says Arrocet. “None of these products are available in the supermarket, they’re all limited-editions, but we’re put them all together in one area.”

TinCan_663The walls of Tincan are black, clad with DuPontCorian’s new Deep Nocturne surface material.

Arrocet says: “We wanted to create an abstract feel with the black backdrop to elevate the product. The modular system please with the idea of repettion, and we created patterns with all the tins.”

Other features in the space include Iduna furniture and lighting by O-LED with LG and Iduna. The shopfit is by Powells.

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