New Subway Brand Ad by McCann London Shows How Salad Can Help Beat the Daily Grind

Integrated creative agency McCann London is promoting the Salad range at Subway stores.

An office worker breaks free from the monotony of her daily routine with the help of a Subway stores Salad, in a new TV commercial for submarine sandwich chain Subway created by McCann London.

In the spot, directed by Max Sherman at Blink and titled ‘Groundhog Day’, the young woman is stuck in a never-end cycle of mundanity as she repeatedly goes through her habitual working day – which is punctuated only by a bland, home-made sandwich.

But, when she glimpses a cheeky thought-provoking poster depicting a Subway stores Salad, everything changes. Suddenly inspired to discover something new and exciting, the woman tries a Subway stores Chicken Teriyaki Salad and finds her daily grind transformed.

The humorous film sits under the Subway brand’s ‘Keep Discovering’ platform, which was launched last year to promote its wide variety of taste combinations.

The campaign, which launches on June 14th, will be supported by radio, OOH, In-Store material and digital assets.

Rob Doubal, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer at McCann London at McCann London said: “We’re really pleased to help sell salads at Subway. Because they do really good salads. And all we needed to do was jolt people into realising this. Max and the team at Blink have done a great job of bringing this jolt to life. Thank you all.”

Sacha Clark, Marketing Director for Subway UK & Ireland said: “Research suggests that customers tend to stick to what they know. With this humorous new TV ad we hope to show people they can get more out of their day with Subway if they just break with the norm.”

Source: McCann London

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