Now the Best Part of Wakin’ Up Is…Whatever You Say It Is

For more than 25 years, talented musicians have put their unique spin on the iconic Folgers jingle. For the rest of us, we usually hum along in the kitchen while preparing a cup of our favorite brew.

Starting May, fans of Folgers Coffee can download Insta-Jingle, the newest iPhone mobile digital device app from Folgers, powered by Smule, available for free download at the App Store online store.

With Insta-Jingle, userscan create their own version of the iconic Folgers Best Part of Wakin’ Up jingle.

Choose from three musical genres: Rock, Country and R&B. Or try all three to create a variety of different jingles you can share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or email. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Tap to record and speak your mind
  2. Tap again to hear your auto-tuned jingle
  3. Share it out with your friends and family

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