Olive Hill Farm Sausages Launch in Ocado and Asda

Sausages and packs small resAward winning Olive Hill Farm Sausages, which are made using a revolutionary process that replaces the saturated fat with extra virgin olive oil, have secured listings at Ocado and Asda.

The Olive Hill Farm Pork and Chorizo Sausage with Olive Oil, which was named Overall Champion Sausage at the 2012 Sausage of the Year Awards, and the Olive Hill Farm Pork Sausage that received two Gold Awards, will be stocked by both outlets while Ocado will also be making the Olive Hill Farm Pork, Feta & Sundried Tomato Sausage available to its customers.

The unique patented process used to make the Olive Hill Farm Sausage range replaces the saturated fat with extra virgin olive oil making them taste sensational while reducing the saturated fat content by at least 30% without affecting flavour or juiciness.

This means that unlike other ‘lower fat’ sausages on the market, which can be dry and tasteless, the Olive Hill Farm sausages are mouth-wateringly juicy and bursting with flavour.

In addition, because they contain less saturated fat and water, these sausages don’t shrink during the cooking process and retain more than 96% of their original weight.

The range sports the Red Tractor symbol – all variants are made using quality lean British pork shoulder with each individual sausage containing 80% meat.

The Olive Hill Farm Sausage Range is the result of collaboration between Scandinavian firm Scan Foods and Greek company, Creta Farms, which owns the patent for the production process.

In addition to the three varieties sold through Ocado, there are already another three varieties waiting in the wings for sausage lovers to get their teeth into – the Olive Hill Farm Pork & Apple Sausage, the Olive Hill Farm Pork & Leek Sausage and the Olive Hill Farm Pork & Balsamic Vinegar Sausage.

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