Once Upon A Time Launches New #CheatOnWater Campaign for Zeo

Once Upon A Time’s new above-the-line work for Zeo, the healthy, no added sugar soft drink brand, has gone live. Reflecting Zeo’s refreshed branding and positioning, its ‘#cheatonwater’ campaign puts the fun back into leading a healthy lifestyle.

The work, which consists of press ads and 48-sheets across 13 Transport for London Tube stations, taps into the growing consumer preference for healthier soft drinks. Zeo’s low calorie range of drinks are all-natural and contain no added sugar, but the work shows that healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Colourful, fun and bold, the campaign bucks the zen trend that is often associated with the wellness lifestyle, suggesting that consumers ‘#cheatonwater’ in their efforts to make positive choices.

The off-trade work has a flirty tone that puts an innocent, positive spin on cheating and uses brand ambassador Caroline Flack to emphasise this. Once Upon A Time art directed a photo shoot for the campaign that puts her cheeky attitude and the brand’s informal message front and centre with lines such as “Caught red handed” and “You’ve pulled”.

John Mulvey, Head of Marketing at Zeo, said: “There has been a widespread increased interest in health as a whole in recent years, meaning people are more conscious about what they are drinking. Zeo is the opposite to most unhealthy soft drinks and the campaign mirrors this. The wholesome wellness trend can seem unattainable in busy everyday life. The new campaign that Once Upon A Time has created is cheeky, flirty and colourful. It stands out in the sector and helps show that taking positive steps towards being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve invested heavily in this exciting relaunch and are confident that the demand from today’s more health-conscious consumers is only going to grow.”

Greg Morton, group account director at Once Upon A Time, commented: “The team at Once Upon A Time has really enjoyed working with Zeo on this new campaign. Including Caroline Flack proves the importance and power of using celebrity partners that echo the creative work. The soft drinks market is crowded, but there has been an increase in awareness for the negative health implications of sugary drinks. It’s exciting to produce work that cuts through the homogenised market and puts a positive spin on being healthy, with a light-hearted tone.”

The ATL campaign was part of an integrated relaunch from OUAT, including rollout of BTL and online assets and a wider PR, social and experiential strategy, with See.Saw Communications who secured Caroline Flack as Zeo’s brand ambassador for the duration of 2017.

Source: Once Upon A Time

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