Oreo’s New ‘Oreo Thins’ Ad Is Inspired By The Slimness Of Tech Gadgets

Earlier this month, Oreo unveiled its all-new, slimmer ‘Oreo Thins’ cookie, positioned as a more sophisticated snack with a lower calorie count.

To promote it, the brand has rolled out an ad featuring the cookie spinning and turning in a series of cute animations.

According to Oreo, the 30-second ‘Thinner’ ad was inspired by “‘thin’ cues in technology”, such as when the cookie turns sideways to form an “i” like how gadgets do in tech ads to show off their slenderness.

It was created by Dutch production house MediaMonks Films and The Martin Agency—the latter was also behind the brand’s previous spot, which is part of its ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign.

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