Parents Urge Brands to Adopt Clear Nutritional Labelling to Help Make Healthy Lunch Choices for their Kids

Parents of primary school aged children in the UK are calling for brands to include the colour coded nutritional information (known as the traffic light system) on the front of their packaging, to enable them to make a more informed choice when it comes to healthy food for their children’s lunchboxes.

That is according to research from Soreen, the UK’s most loved Malt Loaf brand, which has identified that a staggering 89 percent of parents are looking for this change to be implemented. Without the information being clearly displayed, it can lead to uncertainty when it comes to choosing the right healthy lunchtime foods.

Most parents are aware of the nutritional traffic light system and 71 percent use the coding regularly. However, most brands have yet to adopt the colour coded system.

With a third of parents (33 percent) finding it difficult, or unsure, when it comes to sourcing healthy food for their children’s lunchbox, it is unsurprising that in the UK we are constantly being warned of an increase in childhood obesity and particularly sugar consumption.

Public Health England’s (PHE) Change4Life campaign revealed earlier this year that the average child in England consumes an additional 2,800 sugar cubes over and above the recommended maximum sugar allowance. This hasn’t gone unnoticed with the survey finding that almost two-thirds of parents feel that eating less sugar is an important step to becoming more health conscious.

Liz Jacobs, Marketing Manager at Soreen commented: “We are proud to have been working with and supporting Change4Life for the past 4 years.  We took steps earlier this year to showcase the shocking amounts of additional sugar children are consuming annually, as well as raising awareness that there are healthier swaps available, which are just as satisfying. For instance, simply swapping a cake bar for a Soreen Lunchbox Loaf in a child’s lunchbox, can cut a child’s sugar intake by 57% . Plus, Soreen is known for its tasty varieties, so even though Soreen Lunchbox Loaves are a healthier option, consumers aren’t compromising on the taste.”

Soreen pledged their support for the Change4Life campaign again this year in January and are continuing this in their September campaign, with the Change4Life ‘Good Choice’ badge being applied to all their lunchbox loaves variants as well as both Malt Loaf Bar variants and the majority of their loaf formats.

In addition to 61 percent of parents feeling that eating less sugar is an important step to becoming more health conscious, 39 percent saw eating less fat as a positive step to heathy eating.

Mark Simester, MD at Soreen said: “Our lunchbox loaves are now available in four flavours; original malt, banana, apple and strawberry and all variants are less than 100 calories a portion and have no reds in their nutritional traffic lights. We took the decision to feature the traffic light nutritionals on the front of the packs in 2017 to make it easier for parents to make healthier choices. This year, research shows that 50% more households are buying Soreen Lunchbox Loaves than in the previous year and we believe that being transparent with our healthy credentials has impacted this rise. All Soreen products are lower in sugar than average and are low in saturated fat. We knew this was an issue, but the findings have really shed perspective and scale on the problem. it is one we are working hard to address, but the impact of this on children’s health is cause for concern.”

Source: J. Walter Thompson London

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