Pizza Hut Premieres Paddy McGuinness YouTube Sketch Series

Pizza Hut has launched a new viral marketing campaign starring comedian Paddy McGuinness in the form of a series of online sketches.

This sees the fast food chain appoint McGuinness as a brand ambassador for the restaurants 330 UK outlets, imparting a degree fun and passion into the brand through the medium of comedy.

To that end McGuinness has produced, scripted and starred in a series of short clips that see him utter his catchphrases and ‘paddy-isms’ whilst in the guise of a David Brent style restaurant manager.

The year-long campaign spearheads a digital focussed marketing strategy which will eschew traditional TV advertising.

McGuinness said: “I’ve always been a Pizza Hut Restaurants customer and now I get to work with them which is great because it’s a brand I admire for both its fun personality and fresh thinking. They are really open to my crazy ideas and filming the videos was such a laugh. I’m really looking forward to see what everyone thinks.”

Kathryn Austin, director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut restaurants explains: “Our partnership with Paddy reflects a new chapter in Pizza Hut Restaurants’ digital approach and customer engagement. Our customer base no longer relies on television as a way of accessing information and prefer communicating with us in a digital environment. As a result we’ve shaken up our marketing strategy and moved towards a multi-channel approach.”

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