Pop-Tarts Unwraps Candy Fun with New Jolly Rancher Flavours

This summer, Pop-Tarts and Jolly Rancher are teaming up to debut the first-ever candy-inspired Pop-Tarts flavours, including Frosted Cherry, Frosted Green Apple and Frosted Watermelon.

“We know our fans love the variety of Pop-Tarts flavours they can get their hands on, and the classic fruity flavours are always among their favourites,” said Angela Gusse, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts. “We’re making the classics even better by mashing up some of the juiciest Jolly Rancher candy flavours with Pop-Tarts toaster pastries.”

The three Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts pack sweet and sour flavours into a delicious toaster pastry crust:

  • Frosted Cherry has a tart cherry-flavoured filling that tastes as good as a Jolly Rancher candy right out of the wrapper.
  • Frosted Green Apple offers a sour apple flavour that perfectly recreates the iconic green Jolly Rancher candy.
  • Frosted Watermelon brings the sweet taste of summer to your taste buds with Jolly Rancher candy’s classic Watermelon flavour.

Source: Kellogg Company

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