Pringles Cans Shake Up Summer Jam Program

Everyone loves a good beat and you can use just about anything to create one. This summer, Pringles put that theory to the test. Whether you bop it like a drum or shake it like a maraca, a Pringles can is not just a can of irresistibly crunchy crisps – it’s an instrument and a ticket to this summer’s hottest music.

As part of Pringles’ first Summer Jam program, Grammy Award-winning band Train teamed up with the iconic salty snack to spread the news and invite their fans to join them on tour.

Through November 30, music lovers can enter for a chance to see Train or another Live Nation concert by simply buying a specially marked can of Pringles and entering the code here. Just two steps and you and a friend could find yourself at a VIP concert experience unlike any other.

“Summer is the time of year when people are looking to let loose with friends, and we’re helping to fuel those moments by bringing together two summertime staples – music and Pringles,” said Mark Miller, director of marketing, salty snacks. “Whether it’s an impromptu dance party on the beach or rocking out backstage at a Train concert, Pringles is the ticket to all summer music experiences.”

The fun doesn’t stop there. Pringles also searched far and wide to challenge the world’s top percussionists to infuse Pringles crisps and cans into their music. The result? Six epic videos ranging from heavy metal drummers to classically trained musicians – and everything in-between.

The challenge was even accepted by Australia’s EDM extraordinaire and YouTube sensation, M4Sonic, who grabbed some Pringles and took to his Launchpad to compile this electronic mash-up of crunching, popping and can-thumping.

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