Pringles Launches Range of Crisp Scented Candles

PRINGLES_CANDLES13Yes, you heard that right, crisp brand Pringles has launched a limited run of scented candles for the festive season.

Pringles has created 500 scented candles in three flavours that will be sent to pre-selected people to test out ahead of a potential wider launch in 2016.

The candle scents include cheesy cheese, Texas BBQ sauce and festive pigs in blankets.

A spokesperson for the brand, said, “sales of Pringles soar by almost 150 per cent at Christmas time when everyone’s enjoying parties and catch-ups with their friends and family.”

According to Pringles owner Kellogg’s, the product has been created with the aim of launching it as the “perfect stocking filler” for a crisp lover.

PRINGLES_CANDLES14The brand has also suggested the candles could substitute the key festive foods that the flavours emulate, should people run out.

“The Pringles Candle is a great stocking filler: if the supermarket runs out of pigs in blankets on your Christmas dinner shop, you could simply light a Pringles pigs In blankets candle on December 25 and have the same meaty odour waft through the house.”

The test run of product will be mailed to 500 people but a spokesperson for the brand said a wider release would come next year.

“The candles are particularly pungent, so we might need to scale back on the odour before unleashing them on a mass scale next year.”

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