Pure Helps The Nantwich Cheese Company Launch Into Retail

Nantwich Cheese PR VisBrand & packaging agency Pure has just completed packaging designs for two retails brands for the Nantwich Cheese Company. Well established in the wholesale cheese market, this was Nantwich’s first taste of consumer branding.

The project required Pure to develop a core Nantwich Cheese brand for ‘value’ supermarkets and a second brand for 99p stores.

Although both brands were conceived to fit into the ‘budget’ category the design approach reflects the way packaging expectations have changed, as David Rogers founder and Creative Director explains:

“The use of minimalistic simple packaging to denote a budget brand is diminishing. Consumers don’t want to see packaging that suggests it’s low price because it’s an inferior product. They want to feel like they’re getting a bargain. At the same time, this isn’t a brand for melting onto toast. Nantwich’s product ranges combine cheddar with lots of interesting flavours and to reinforce ‘a cheese-eating experience to be savoured’ we used design elements that gave the brands a lovingly made feeling. ”

ALBO PR VisPure gave the core Nantwich brand lots of ‘pick me’ brand elements, with quirky and emotive illustrations and text to inject product personality. The diffusion label was branded ‘a little bit of’ with an illustrated apron to create a ‘country kitchen’ atmosphere and bright colour palette for standout.

On Nantwich’s first venture into the retail market, Marketing Manager Luke Morgan said, “Moving over to the consumer world was a little daunting at first but made easy by Pure’s experience in the food sector. David Rogers’ knowledge of the industry proved a valuable resource and he was able to guide us through the whole process.”

Working to a tight deadline, Pure turned the project around in record time, with the process beginning December 2013 and final designs approved, art worked and printed in a matter of weeks with the first products going into stores mid January 2014.

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