Quiet Storm Creates New Kids Voices Ads for Haribo Germany

HARIBO’s London based agency Quiet Storm has extended its successful ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign for HARIBO Germany for the first time, with new executions breaking this month.

Following the success of the campaign in 10 different markets globally, Quiet Storm have created three new executions for HARIBO Germany, which are running in Germany, Switzerland and Austria from this month.

The Kids’ Voices campaign, created by Quiet Storm, first launched in 2014 in the UK and has since been rolled out in 10 countries worldwide. It’s a significant transition for the brand from their previous advertising in Germany, particularly as this is the brands largest market.

A museum, a bus stop and a conference room are the new settings in which grown-ups find their inner child – sharing and expressing their appreciation for one of three different HARIBO products, with their lines spoken by children.

Marcin Piaseczny, Marketing Director at HARIBO Germany, said: “It is a great milestone in advertising for HARIBO Germany to move on from testimonial campaigns in a completely new direction. We believe we can build the brand further, and the ‘Kid’s Voices’ campaign is a great platform to transfer childlike happiness, which is the essence of the HARIBO brand. This is a simple but brilliant Idea and we are keen to see how our consumers react to it.”

Rania Robinson, CEO of Quiet Storm, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be launching the Kid’s Voices campaign in Haribo’s homeland. This is a significant change for HARIBO’s brand communication in Germany, and given the success we’ve had in other markets we’re confident this will deliver great results for the brand.”

Source: Quiet Storm

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