Razorfish’s ‘Super Spice Dash’ for McDonald’s

Super Spice DashThis week Razorfish launch an immersive and fast-paced game called the ‘Super Spice Dash’ to celebrate the launch of the new Spicy Chicken McBites, part of the Little Tasters menu.

The game is a viral, fun and sharable adventure starring the Spicy Chicken McBites. Played from a chase-camera, third-person perspective, the game runs endlessly allowing the player to catch the Golden Crumbs to collect points, pick-up Chilies for special powers, avoid hazards and traps and go on as far as possible in their adventure. Players can then share their score and invite others to play using Facebook.

The game was created in advanced HTML 5 and works across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, tablet and smartphones. Once live, the game will be hosted on McDonalds.co.uk and supported by digital media directing to the game.

(Just so you know, that link above, detects what device you’re accessing the game from and ‘serves’ you the appropriate version for Mac / PC / mobile or tablet. Cool, right?)

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