Rubicon Asks You to Take a Sip & Believe in New Spot by BMB

No matter where you are, the exotic taste of Rubicon can transport you to the beach and make your dreams come true, according to a surreal new campaign for Rubicon.

The TV campaign, created by BMB, shows a couple going from a dreary shopping centre to an exotic beach paradise in an instant through the power of believing and the taste of Rubicon.

The ‘Believe In Beach’ campaign is the first work by BMB for Rubicon since winning the business earlier in 2015 and is aimed at a younger mainstream audience.

In the TV ad, a wise man watches over the couple as they sit in the shopping centre enjoying their dream with their eyes closed and both frozen in a pose as if they are jumping into the sea together. He explains that they are ‘beach-dreaming’ and that the exotic taste of Rubicon has made their beach fantasy a reality.

rubicon-3The shopping centre’s duty manager can’t help but have a sip himself but after doing so finds that he has inadvertently drunk his way in to the couple’s dream. The endline is: ‘Rubicon. Believe In Beach.’

The 30-second TV spot breaks on August 17th.

Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing, at Rubicon owner AG Barr, said: “Our new campaign, the first with BMB, aims to continue the strong growth of the Rubicon brand by encouraging a wider group of consumers to enjoy the exotic Rubicon experience.”

Trevor Beattie, Founding Partner at BMB, said: “Travelling to exotic beach locations can be an expensive and often unrewarding business. ‘Can’ being the operate word. Crack open a can of Rubicon and you’re one slurp from romping in the surf. I believe this could put holiday airlines out of business.”

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