Sarson’s Goes Retro in Limited Edition Vinegar Bottle by Parker Williams

Sarsons_Limited-Edition-01Brand design agency Parker Williams has designed a limited edition “Chip Lovers” bottle label for Sarson’s, the UK’s number one vinegar brand. Packs of malt vinegar will feature the brand’s successful vinegar-loving couple, ‘Fish and Chip’.

Along with channelling the nostalgic power of artist Paul Thurlby’s imagery, the limited run sees Sarson’s change its background colour from red – a feature that has remained unaltered for a decade – to blue. The 250ml vinegar bottle still retains its iconic, easy-to-hold tear drop shape and aims to make the product appeal to younger customers while remaining recognisable to Sarson’s devotees. Packs are available in all supermarket stores until the end of this month.

Extensive research carried out by the brand identified the positive brand associations the ‘Fish and Chip’ illustrations generated among consumers, particularly its strong connotations of Britishness and a bygone style of advertising. Parker Williams was responsible for the label design and revamped colour scheme.

Sarsons_Limited-Edition-02Jo Saker, creative director at Parker Williams, said: “Sarson’s is really on to a winner with these amusing, thoroughly British characters. The classic Sarson’s malt vinegar bottle already has unmistakable packaging that has stood the test of time. It’s been a great opportunity to work on such an iconic design and celebrate our national dish too.”

Noa Hasegawa, brand manager at Sarson’s, said: “When we debuted the ‘Fish and Chip’ characters consumers told us they loved them. We knew at once they’d work well across other parts of the marketing mix and Parker Williams did a stellar job of incorporating the illustration into our packaging. We can’t wait to see how customers respond.”

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