Savanna Launches New Fusion Innovation Savanna Cross

South African premium cider brand Savanna, has unveiled its latest innovation; Savanna Cross. The newest edition to the Savanna range is a distinctively smooth cider with a real hop flavour, and offers consumers all the refreshment of Savanna cider with the intriguing taste profile of beer.

An established brand within the global drinks market, Savanna created Cross in order to reach a wider market, at a time when consumers are seeking interesting and premium variations on traditional cider.

In a marketplace dominated by sweet ciders and a wide range of fruity expressions, Savanna Cross offers consumers an attractive alternative. Appealing to beer drinkers looking for a lighter choice, cider fans on the hunt for something new, and those who are totally new to the category and in search of something to quench their thirst – Savanna ticks the box for them all.

With the growth of 330ml cans within the cider sector, Savanna Cross has been expertly positioned to maximise consumer attraction. This format choice also allows Cross to come to life; as soon as the ringpull is opened, the smell of hops bursts out of the can.

Amy Burns, Marketing Manager at Distell, said: “As a brand, Savanna is always looking to bring something different to cider consumers – from conveying our South African heritage and expert ability to create a crisp drink which tantalizes the taste buds, to our latest release, Savanna Cross. We believe Savanna Cross offers something different for everyone; it has the distinctive refreshing cider taste we’re known for with a special twist, and because it’s less sweet than most ciders it can be savoured over a longer period, or chosen as a lighter alternative to beer.”

The latest product launch follows the success of the brand’s flagship expression Savanna Dry, a product carefully curated to offer consumers the most refreshing cider experience. Made with expert care and precision, Savanna Dry is triple filtered and double chilled, ensuring a premium liquid at 5% ABV.

Savanna Cross (4% ABV) is available to purchase in 24 x 330ml packs for single can resale.

Source: Savanna

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