Simon Pendry Creative redesigns Dale Farm Rapture NPD

Simon Pendry Creative were asked to add to their already successful redesign of the Rapture ice cream bar range, by including Rapture’s first ever NPD… Rapture ice cream in tubs.

Dale Farm’s Rapture ice cream bars are their most indulgent… and a brand with a heart full of goodness. This range of deliciously creamy dairy ice cream bars are wrapped in the finest thick Belgian chocolate, and are made with the most indulgent of ingredients. The new ice cream tub NPD packaging design needed to clearly reflect the existing brand values.

Following the creation of the packaging, a full digital and OOH advertising campaign for Northern Ireland was created by Simon Pendry Creative to launch this new NPD. This naturally also included a full suite of digital collateral including animation.

Both the packaging design and campaign aim to highlight the delicious and indulgent ingredients that Rapture is known for. A strong visual family feel for the packaging was extremely important to ensure brand recognition in this adjacent category, and also encourage a halo effect back to the core range.

The freezer is of course an extremely visually crowded fixture, so a simple and punchy visual style was adopted to stand out amongst the crowd.

The campaign builds on the photographic expression of ingredients, by highlighting them individually with a twinkle in the eye of the copywriting “Honeycomby, Saucy, Chocolaty, Creamy… Rapture”. It was important to hero the packaging in the campaign to introduce this new NPD to the consumer.”

Source: Simon Pendry Creative

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