Skol Summon’s Brazil’s Beer Pros

Skol has just launched its new film “Skol Pro,” aimed at Skol-loving fisherman, skaters, basketball players, holidaymakers and clubbers, who each have their own unique way of enjoying their Skol.

Created by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the production shows little tricks of the beer professionals including; how to turn a sofa into a beer cooler, train the dog to fetch Skol from the fridge, or open a bottle of beer on a basketball hoop. The campaign features a film and online element, and focuses on the 300ml bottle of the brand, with the catchphrase ‘Skol Pro’, whilst celebrating the consumers who embrace the ritual of the bar in their homes.

Fabio Fernandes, Executive Creative Director of F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi comments: “The 300ml Skol bottle is an individual measure, that you purchase by replacing the used bottle for a new one. We think it’s perfect for people who create a routine and invest time in making sure they have the ideal measure of a nice cold beer in their house. That is definitely not something for amateurs.  So, instead of obvious diminutives, we have chosen ‘Skol Pro’. For the ‘beer professionals’.”

The campaign can also be found on Skoland, the brand’s official website, with the Skol Pro Technical Course. The initiative promises to teach valuable tricks to ‘professional’ consumers on how to store, freeze, serve and enjoy a Skol. Once the course is finished, all “Pro’s” are classified in levels and can create ‘memes’ to mock their ‘amateur’ friends on Facebook.

The meme “Hypochondriac Amateur”, for example, would be for the guy who drinks warm Skol in the winter for fear of catching the flu.

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