Smirnoff Released Vodka-Filled Ornaments to Dress up Your Tree Over the Holidays

Smirnoff recently released four booze-filled glass ornaments. The limited edition ornaments contain the brand’s signature No. 21 vodka. They baubles hold 750 mL and cost about $12.99 each, depending on location.

Smirnoff is officially getting into the holiday spirit with their latest release— oversized decorative ornaments that are filled with booze.

The alcohol brand recently unveiled four limited-edition glass ornaments that are filled with their 80-proof No.21 vodka. One of the brand’s popular choices, the No. 21 vodka is gluten-free, triple distilled, and non-GMO.

These colourful baubles can make for a unique gift or a great addition to any holiday party. Some designs include colourful holiday lights, snowy mountainscapes, and multicoloured festive trees.

Each bauble has a unique design and saying, like “Don’t get lit, drink responsibly,” “#BestGiftEver,” and “Mix & Mingle.” Each ornament comes in a 750 mL size. They cost about $12.99 each, but prices may vary depending on your location.

These specialty Smirnoff ornaments are only available until the end of the holiday season and can be found in select locations where Smirnoff is sold. And if you can’t find these festive ornaments, you can still enjoy other festive drinks— Smirnoff is also bringing back their limited edition Peppermint Twist vodka for the holidays.

Source: Business Insider 

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