Smirnoff Taps Kiesza & Djemba Djemba For #WhatWeBring Product Launch

Known for its inventive flavour portfolio, Smirnoff Electric spirits are unlike anything the brand has ever created. Perfect for the chilled shot occasion, a typically high energy part of the night, Smirnoff Electric spirits are designed to bring people together and give everyone’s taste buds a jolt with four intense flavours – Berry, Apple, Mandarin and Guarana. With a look as bold as the taste, the bottle features fluorescent colours that activate under black light for a stunning addition to the party.

Smirnoff_Electric_bottle_shot“As the world’s #1 premium spirit brand by volume, we’re consistently firing up our innovation engine at Smirnoff to create products of true distinction,” said VP Smirnoff Innovation Tom Herbst. “We are driven by a spirit of inclusivity and we are obsessed with inventing bold products that will add a ton of fun to any occasion – from 5 stars to dive bars. Smirnoff Electric spirits are the first global launch in our new bold range of products, and its intensely delicious flavour and neon design makes it the perfect shot to bring your group together.”

Recognizing how the power of music can bring cultures and communities together, Smirnoff is celebrating the power of inclusivity by fueling the ultimate global music collaboration #WhatWeBring to launch Smirnoff Electric spirits. The Smirnoff brand has partnered with musicians Kiesza and Djemba Djemba making their chart-topping song ‘Give It To The Moment’ the music for the #WhatWeBring global social movement. Everyone around the world is now being invited to contribute, collaborate and bring whatever it is they bring to make good times better.

The #WhatWeBring video featuring ‘Give It To The Moment’ – embodies the movement capturing and celebrating diversity in all its forms – different ages, races, genders, sexuality, cultures and styles. The video is a montage of beautiful and energetic storylines including a same-sex wedding celebration on a crowded Bangkok street involving revelers from all walks of life.

Smirnoff_Electric_video_still_1“We see a global generation emerging who simply believe the world should be a more inclusive place. At Smirnoff, we believe that too. #WhatWeBring is more than a single music track, and more than a new product release. It’s a global social movement that is driven by Smirnoff’s core purpose – inclusivity. The Smirnoff brand has partnered with a host of like-minded international artists and storytellers, with Kiesza and Djemba Djemba’s unique collaboration on the song ‘Give It To The Moment’ giving rhythm to the movement,” continues Herbst.

“Smirnoff’s purpose is to invite people to openness, acceptance and engagement as a way to good times for the many. Our ambition is to be useful; to provide the inspiration, tools and occasions that remove barriers to inclusion.”

The #WhatWeBring campaign will culminate in a full length documentary that follows the track’s remix journey around the globe—revealing how some of today’s most creative and diverse artists are bringing the influence of their local environment and culture to create something original.

The remixes will span five continents and incorporate the cultural influences of five artists: Toy Selectah from Mexico, Nozinja of South Africa, Laura Jones of the UK, KosmoKat of Japan and Cassian of Australia.

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