Space Brings A Splash Of Scandinavia To The UK For Cocio

COCIO CREW_SPACE_1Danish chocolate milk brand Cocio is hitting the streets of London for its first UK campaign, with targeted sampling activity to generate intrigue around the brand. Activity kicked off on Friday 4th April, led by Space.

As lead BTL agency for Cocio, which is owned by dairy company Arla, Space is responsible for delivering a summer-long programme of initiatives aimed at building brand intimacy through trial and building awareness.

Cocio is a chocolate milk drink made of three natural ingredients served in a glass bottle, created in 1951 in Denmark. The product promotes a feel-good message and can be enjoyed at any time of the day by those who fancy simple, spontaneous enjoyment.

Space’s strategy has been to focus communications around influencers on the basis that brand intimacy will be achieved through peer recommendation, face-to-face and online. The campaign kicks off with sampling activity for the newly launched drink targeting young, fun-seeking, spontaneous influencers based primarily in Central and East London. Activity also targets London-based Scandinavians who have a latent affection for the Cocio brand. Both audiences are being encouraged to drink the product and share the news that the brand has now arrived in the UK.

A crew will tour the streets in a beautifully designed campervan, distributing Cocio and seeding the brand to target audiences. Distribution areas have been selected with the influencer target in mind – areas where they live, socialise, work, and spend time with friends. Certain locations have also been selected for their proximity to Scandinavian events and experiences that already attract that influencer audience. The crew will be channelling the young influencer styles of East London.

COCIO_CREW_SPACE_2The campaign takes place through April and May and will be supported through Cocio social media channels, including @cociouk, where conversation about the brand will be seeded and spread.

Gareth Turner, senior brand manager, Dairy Drinks at Arla Foods, said: “Space’s activity is designed to bring long term impact to the brand through intimacy with an influencer audience.  Word of mouth will spread from this core audience through to the wider market, generating interest, trial and broader awareness. It forms part of our entire marketing programme for 2014 that includes further city sampling activities, as well as taking the Cocio campervan on a road trip to university campuses and a festival this summer.”

Jim Carless, head of client services at Space, said: “Our challenge is to bring this established and much loved Scandinavian brand to the UK and share it with a vibrant and creative community. The intimacy that we foster between the brand and its first adopters will be the key to unlock the longer term development of the brand.”

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