Speyburn Launches US Gifting Campaign in the Run up to Christmas by YesMore

Scottish Speyside malt whisky brand, Speyburn, has launched a campaign on social media, supported by email marketing and in-store activation, to promote its whisky as the ideal gift in the run up to Christmas.

The ‘Whisky for Every Wishlist’ campaign is supported by a social media campaign by specialist alcohol marketing agency YesMore with the aim of reaching new whisky drinkers. Consumers are driven to a quiz on the Speyburn website to help them choose the ideal their expression for themselves or their loved one at Christmas – either the Bradan Orach, the 10 and 15 year old single malts, or the US only Arranta Casks edition.

Ads on social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram feature bottles of Speyburn next to terrible Christmas gifts, including a nose hair trimmer, a vacuum cleaner and a tie.

The campaign use witty, British tone of voice to suggest that a bottle of Speyburn might be a better option – and to direct users to the online quiz. From there, there’s also a competition users can enter to win a personalised, limited edition crystal decanter.

Alongside this, YesMore agency will be running Speyburn’s social media channels for three months, to manage the campaign and generate more followers and engagement over the vital festive period.

Samantha Peter, digital and communication manager at Speyburn said: “Christmas is famously a vital time of year for the whisky market – but we wanted to do something a little different and fun, making Speyburn approachable for those who might want to try single malt for the first time, or for those unsure of what to buy their loved ones at Christmas. At a time of year when whisky advertising can all look the same, the British humour and tone of voice in this campaign make it really stand out for us.”

Dan Hooper, client services director at YesMore added: “Of course, it’s always the thought that counts, but you can’t help but feel a pang of disappointment when you find a mug and a terrible bottle of aftershave in your Christmas stocking. Whereas the right bottle of whisky is always a pleasure to receive – something we wanted to capture in this campaign.”

Source: YesMore

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