Stoli Vodka Unveils Innovative New Design for Super-Premium Stoli Gold

Stoli Vodka, the original premium vodka, announced an update to its super-premium offering, Stoli Gold. First conceived as Stoli Cristal in 1989 to add a new dimension to the category, the expression name was changed a decade later as a nod to its final filtration stage through coils of gold thread.

Stoli Gold’s redesign includes the bottle, label and production process and is aimed at elevating the consumer experience at shelf in the off-trade and at high-end clubs and lounges in the on-trade. The product is now available in 750 mL and 1 litre sizes in top USA and global markets, along with select duty-free retailers.

Stoli Gold harnesses some of the world’s rarest elements to produce a sublimely rich vodka. While winter wheat is predominantly a dryland crop, the Gubernator Dona winter wheat grown on this single estate is carefully irrigated from an ecologically pure aquifer lying at a depth of 185 meters to ensure optimum soil moisture conditions and high-quality yields.

Next, the Alpha Grade spirit is blended with water filtered through shungite, one of the rarest and most remarkable minerals on earth, found only in a remote part of northwest Russia. This blend is then filtered in the traditional Stoli way before the final filtration through coils of gold thread to subtly amplify the depth, enhance the softness and harmonise the emerging liquid.

The new packaging is a showstopper, featuring a textured metallic label with content on the front and back, visible through the clear spirit. The bottle shape has taken on a taller, more elegant and bespoke shape with embossing on the bottom and the neck, which also includes a gold neck label, cork cap and tamper evidence. On the back of the bottle, there is a thick metal seal touting Stoli Vodka’s birth year – 1938.

“The updated Stoli Gold is a marriage of state-of-the-art, modern methods and our commitment to producing classic, unrivalled spirits. No other vodka uses such precious elements to create a significant effect on the character of the final liquid,” said Hugues Pietrini, Stoli Group Global President & CEO. “This expression has long been popular among a core group of ultra-premium consumers, but we expect, with this disruptive redesign and single-source recipe, to expand that audience to those in their late 20s and 30s who value intrigue and energetic social scenes.”

Stoli Gold’s nose is elegant and focused, with an initial hint of vanilla leading to aniseed, followed by freshly baked bread notes and light citrus. Its palate features a delicate mouthfeel and opens up with a combination of light creaminess and sweetness before an underlying dryness appears, adding a counter-point accompanied by a juicy, lightly luscious texture. A subtle sweetness and creamy aniseed return with the finish, adding range and freshness with a slight spice.

Source: Stoli Vodka

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