Summon An Ice Cream Truck From Anywhere Using This App

As a clever way promote its on-demand chauffeuring services, Uber launched a literally ‘cool’ on-demand offering that lets you summon an ice cream truck wherever you were.

For one-day only, the service ‘Uber Ice Cream’ required users to download the app on their phones.

Thereafter, users could request an ice cream truck to swing by, and they could get five to six ice creams for about US12-$30 (prices vary depending on each city).

The ice cream trucks were on the road from 11AM to 5PM on Friday, 19th July, and the service was available in 33 cites, such as New York, Singapore, London and Sydney.

For those who missed the date, there’s no news that Uber would be running its on-demand ice cream truck service again—however, you can download its iPhone or Android app in preparation for the next round of its übercool offerings, and its private driver services.

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