Takis and Publicis•Poke launch ‘Drop Codes’ campaign to get Gen Z fired up about the UK’s most exclusive hot snack

Takis Drop Codes, a fly poster campaign from Takis and Publicis•Poke, harnesses Gen-Z’s love of exclusive drops and code cracking to promote the hottest drop of the year: Takis coming to Aldi.

After years of it being nearly impossible to get your hands on a bag of a Takis, the Gen Z-loved spicy snack is finally dropping in a limited number of Aldi branches across the UK. In an age of drops for most exclusive events and items, Takis’ aim is for Gen Z fans to feel like they’re winning when they crack the code and secure their Takis.

Takis ‘Drop Codes’ are a series of fiery fly posters with cryptic codes that, when cracked, reveal the date and location of the Takis x Aldi drop. Each execution in the campaign has a different code hidden within: from Spotify code taking people to a cryptic message hidden in the song titles of a playlist, to a complex morse code message and a highly specific what3words address which leads people the aisles of a nearby Aldi.

Becky Allan, Senior Brand Activation Manager at Takis commented: “This is our first step into UK supermarkets, and we wanted to do it in our own unique way. Takis Drop Codes perfectly taps into UK drop culture but with the fun and intensity of Takis.”

Andy Thirsk and Matt Comras, Creative Directors at Publicis•Poke said: “The Takis Drop Codes are a great example of how understanding an audience can bag yourself some hot result. Gen Z are a smart bunch: we think this will get them into Aldi to pick up Takis by the bucketload.”


  • CAMPAIGN TITLE: Takis Drop Codes
  • CLIENT: Takis UK (Grupobimbo)
  • CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Matt Comras, Andy Thirsk
  • COPYWRITER: George Orton
  • ART DIRECTOR: Hugh Kendall
  • DESIGNER: Michael Damasco
  • ACCOUNT TEAM: Maggie Forrest
  • AGENCY PRODUCER:  Donna Baker
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: This is Energy

Source: Publicis•Poke

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