Taxi Studio Designs Carlsberg UK’s The København Collection

Taxi Studio have been helping Carlsberg UK rediscover their Danish roots as they continue to re-align their brand with their Scandinavian homeland. To help translate the new positioning and celebrate 170 years of brewing excellence, They have created limited edition packaging, aptly titled ‘The København Collection’.

Carlsberg’s founder, J.C. Jacobsen was renowned for his obsession with quality and is famed for the discovery of purified yeast, which forms the basis of the majority of today’s lagers. To bring this piece of brand history into the present, the design house decided to champion Carlsberg’s ingredients in a way that elevated the brand and began to challenge consumers’ existing perceptions of Carlsberg.

Borrowing from the beautiful simplicity of Danish design, each pack in the København Collection embodies an abstract interpretation of Carlsberg’s most iconic ingredients: barley, the mighty hop and Carlsberg’s legendary brewers’ yeast.

The packs will be available to buy until September 2017 in most major food and drink outlets in the UK.

Spencer Buck, Creative Partner & Founder at Taxi Studio expands on our approach: “Denmark is famous for its clean lines and refined craftsmanship so, naturally, a Danish- design aesthetic lent itself perfectly to our abstracted approach to Carlsberg’s ingredients. The more we developed the designs the more we saw the potential for supermarket shelves to act as walls of a gallery and so to us, that’s what the København Collection became – our small contribution to Carlsberg’s art of brewing beer.”

Darren Morris, Brand Portfolio Director for Carlsberg UK said: “The København Collection is an exciting launch for Carlsberg – helping to mark our 170 years of brewing excellence. Carlsberg is certainly no ordinary lager – we have a remarkable place in the history of brewing. Our founder, J.C. Jacobsen and his team of beer scientists discovered purified yeast in 1883 – which changed the quality of lager that we all still enjoy to this day. We are so proud of our story and our home in Denmark. Taxi took on the challenge of this brief and delivered a design, which we love and we know consumers will love too! The designs are brave and bold and really help Carlsberg to start demonstrating its unique place in the beer category.”

Source: Taxi Studio

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