The Best Summer Days Start with Breakfast

THE MILK PROCESSOR EDUCATION PROGRAM (MILKPEP) GOT MILK? Kids across the nation are rejoicing now that school is out for the summer, but this recess means kids and their parents must adjust to a new routine of longer days, later wake-up times and less structure during the day.

More than half of parents (52%) find it challenging to keep their kids on a breakfast schedule during the summer, according to a new survey.1

Experts agree – breakfast is the best way to start the day no matter the season. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who eat breakfast are generally in better health overall.

Nearly half of all parents (48%) surveyed said a good start to the morning is when their child has a breakfast with milk. Serving fat free or lowfat milk at breakfast is one of the best ways to ensure your family has energy and nutrients it needs to perform, run, swim and play throughout the longest days of the year.

Celebrate Milk during National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month, and the perfect time to remind families of the importance of beginning every day with nutrient-rich dairy foods, like lowfat or fat free milk. An 8 oz. glass of milk contains 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein – that’s more protein than in an egg.

At just about 25 cents per glass, milk offers more nutritional value than just about any other beverage you can buy.

GotMilk-President-1920x1440“No matter the month, milk is one of America’s, and my family’s, favorite beverages,” said Michelle Dudash, registered dietitian, mom and author of Clean Eating for Busy Families.

“Whether lowfat or fat free, milk is one of the most naturally nutritious drinks you can pour – especially in the morning. With calcium, high-quality protein and other important nutrients like vitamin D and potassium, milk can plus up any breakfast.”

It’s no secret – Americans love their milk. Almost all US households have dairy milk in their refrigerators, and kids are some of the biggest fans.

Nine out of 10 kids (92%) age 8-12 said they love to drink milk at breakfast, because it’s good for them (64%), it will help them grow (58%), and they love the taste (56%).

Simple Solutions for Smart Summer Starts

To help alleviate the stress of the morning routine this summer, Michelle has simple solutions to help keep families on track and avoid breakfast time blunders:

  • Start every summer morning with a healthy breakfast: Establishing a summer routine will get your family off to a good start, and fat free or lowfat milk delivers nutrition other breakfast beverages cannot for your dollar. More than half of kids surveyed said they like to drink their milk at breakfast, and skipping milk in the AM would put them in a bad mood – especially if they had to eat cereal without milk!
  • Get the kids involved and plan ahead: Ask your kids to help plan the week’s breakfast menu, or start a breakfast-themed Pinterest board with their favorite morning meals. Pick recipes you can make ahead of time, like smoothie pops and overnight oatmeal, as a fun night-time activity that will get them excited to eat the next morning.
  • Keep it simple: If you’re wishing for more time out in the sun and less time in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Survey results showed cereal is kids’ favorite summer breakfast, which is good news for parents looking for a quick, easy breakfast option with nutrients they need, including high-quality protein in milk, to power through their mornings. Whether in a bowl or a glass, fat free milk complements any morning.

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