The Collaborators Rebrands Feel Good Drinks To Give Consumers A Better Choice For Themselves And The Planet

Food and drink branding specialists, The Collaborators have repositioned and rebranded Feel Good Drinks to give it a more ownable and purpose-led proposition. The Bristol-based agency has transformed the brand into one that not only tastes good, but does good too. 

The brief was to move Feel Good Drinks Co. on from its one-dimensional health message to a more holistic, wellbeing alternative. 

In the 24/7 complexities of modern life, where feeling good goes beyond just physical health, linking Feel Good with mental wellness and the natural world was a top priority for The Collaborators. Their strategy was to own taking time out to clear the mind and to be ‘in the moment’

The Collaborators developed a refreshingly minimalist design, providing stand out and calm on a busy shelf fixture. They created an ownable logo – the smiling and peaceful ‘zen’ face – a flexible visual mnemonic that is incorporated into the brand name, and can also be used independently as a signifier, favicon and animation in the broader brand world.  

They developed the line ‘kind to the mind’ to capture the self-care of taking time out to hydrate and drink Feel Good. It also stands for the 3% of sales Feel Good will donate to charities that support wellbeing for people and planet. 

Mary Lewis, Creative Director at The Collaborators said, “It really does ‘Feel Good’ to take the brand up a level and give people a better choice on how they consume. We’re proud to see that our approach and our new design has been well received and we hope this marks a happier, healthier new chapter for Feel Good drinks.”

“I’m delighted how The Collaborators has helped us move Feel Good on. My vision was to have a brand with a greater sense of purpose. I wanted to be able to give consumers a better, more conscientious choice. The Collaborators have done just that. It’s great to finally get our message out there.” added General Manager of Feel Good, Ed Woolner.

The newly rebranded Feel Good Drinks range of Raspberry & Hibiscus, Peach & Passionfruit and Rhubarb & Apple launched in March and is now rolling out nationwide. 

Source: The Collaborators

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