The fastest growing drinks brands on Instagram revealed.

YesMore, Creative Drinks Marketing Agency, produces a holistic guide to increase Instagram follower figures as its recent report reveals best practices.

YesMore, Creative Drinks Marketing Agency, has released a report showcasing the fastest growing drinks brands on Instagram. Collating a year’s worth of research, spanning the past fourteen months, the report reveals the top three fastest growing drinks brands as Bacardi, Captain Morgan and Veuve Clicquot.

According to the report, Bacardi saw the biggest percentage growth in followers, with an increase of 75% between 1st January 2022 and 1st January 2023. Captain Morgan and Veuve Clicquot also saw significant growth, with increases of 63% and 62% respectively.

The report’s findings revealed that the use of partnerships, particularly where content taps into relevant food trends, as well as leveled up, travel-themed giveaways and consistent posting were paramount to the growth of these brands. Analysis of these driving forces, as well as distinguishing emerging patterns, has provided YesMore with insight as to the strategies behind the success of these campaigns, something they are able to put into practice with current and prospective clients. 

Spikes in follower numbers were also noted according to time and season. Breaking the year down into months, Instagram follower growth corresponds to key calendar moments and brand activations relating to these dates. Guinness’ total followers burst by 6% during March in line with St Patrick’s Day, whereas Vinca Wine saw a 12% growth throughout its presence at British festivals this Summer, particularly throughout August. 

Tom Harvey, Co-Founder of YesMore, Creative Drinks Marketing Agency, said: “As social media experts for the drinks industry in the UK and US, YesMore Agency gets asked weekly about how to grow Instagram followers for drinks brands, bars and restaurants. Whilst an Instagram follower number is largely a vanity metric on its own, and there’s no denying the importance of captivating and engaging an audience long term, we’re excited to show some hard data giving weight behind our strategic recommendations to clients. The YesMore team and I are pretty pumped to see seven of our own clients featured in the top 25 fastest growing drinks brands on Instagram – we’re clearly doing something right – and we welcome other drinks brands to come to us for further information on how they can grow too.”

The full report, including the full list of the top 100 brands, detailed analysis of why they grew and recommendations for other drinks brands looking to grow its presence on Instagram, is available for download on the YesMore Creative Drinks Marketing Agency website here:

Source: YesMore Creative Drinks Marketing Agency

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