The Macallan Unveils Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky M Black 2017

The Macallan has released a new creation, celebrating the extraordinary collaboration between three masters of their crafts: The Macallan, Fabien Baron and Lalique.

The Macallan M Black 2017 Release is the latest and most complex masterpiece in the remarkable Mseries of single malt whiskies. In partnership with renowned creative director Fabien Baron and crystal masters Lalique, The Macallan M Black’s intriguing single malt comes encased in one of the world’s most beautifully designed and meticulously handcrafted crystal decanters.

Limited to 725 black crystal decanters worldwide, with only 40 decanters allocated to the United States, each decanter is engraved with its own individual number which will drive collectibility. It will be released worldwide from June 2018 onwards, at an estimated retail price of $6,995 USD.

An evolution of the iconic M Decanter, this new step into lustrous black crystal from Lalique was crafted to reflect the diverse history of The Macallan single malt and presents a striking complement to an uncharacteristically smoky Macallan. Reflecting a lifetime of whisky, M Black truly encapsulates The Macallan’s established history as an innovative and exceptional single malt, and represents absolute time distilled. This is all captured in flawless black crystal, a more complex and technically challenging material to craft than clear crystal.

A testament to the custodians who have nurtured and guarded the casks and their precious contents for generations, this first release of M Black displays a rich natural colour, with an ABV of 45%. Drawn from sherry-seasoned oak casks, a proportion of which contained peated malt, it delivers a profile of dark fruit, chocolate and espresso, which open into wood spice and an edge of peat. On the nose, there is rich cherry chocolate sweetness and fresh citrus notes with dried fruit, before salted caramel moves into whispers of peat smoke. The smokiness increases on the palate but serves to complement the flavours of green apples, citrus and dried fruit.

Crafted from just six sherry-seasoned casks, three butts and three hogsheads, M Black is a testament to exceptional cask ageing and the craft of whisky making. The use of smaller 250L hogsheads serves to intensify the complex flavour profile.

Capturing the expressive aesthetic of Fabien Baron’s illustrious creative vision, the M Black decanter’s tall, slim dimensions and iconic geometric form push the boundaries of traditional decanter design. Its sharp, angular facets gave inspiration to the name M Black itself, selected as a typographic representation of the decanter’s striking design. The name also conveys the black crystal material of the decanter and hints at the dark flavour profile of the whisky encased within.

Lalique has drawn on 150 years of mastery and dedication, and its long-standing relationship with The Macallan, to bring refinement and flawless clarity to M Black. Fashioned in the highest-grade black crystal for the first time, each handcrafted decanter unites tradition with striking originality.

“An incredible collaboration between three masters, The Macallan M Black has been brought toconception by creative director Fabien Baron; brought to life by Lalique’s mastery of crystal; and brought to purpose by The Macallan’s whisky makers,” said Geoff Kirk, Director of Prestige for The Macallan.“Presented in an extraordinary handcrafted black crystal decanter, M Black reflects a lifetime of whisky and continues to showcase the vital influence of The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks and the ultimate craft of whisky making. M Black is a true work of art which raises the bar for whisky decanters around the world.”

Silvio Denz, Chairman of Lalique, remarks, “It is an honour to have worked with The Macallan – our long-standing partner for over a decade – to realise this exquisite piece and showcase our shared sense of mastery, craftsmanship and heritage. The decanter is completely unique in the world of decanters, very difficult to produce because of its shape and black colour. The Lalique masters of crystal have relished applying their most complex skills to bring Fabien Baron’s creative vision to life in spectacular black crystal.”

Source: The Macallan 

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