TV Support For New ‘Super Goodness’ Range From Quaker Oats

Porridge brand Quaker Oats, is launching a new TV campaign to support the introduction of its Super Goodness range. Airing for the first time on 19 September and running for five weeks, the advert highlights the nutritional benefits of the new Super Fruits sub-range.

The 20 second commercial opens with an image of Quaker Oats assembled in the shape of a heart. Images of juicy blueberries and other fruits burst onto the screen, before being added to a bowl of ‘super oats’ as the voiceover explains that its ‘enriched with vitamins B6, C, D and zinc’ to ‘support your immune system’. The closing tag line is: ‘Support your immune system with Quaker’s new Super Goodness range.’

The breakfast occasion continues to present a huge sales opportunity for retailers as consumers look for a fulfilling breakfast that is also quick and easy to prepare. With a premium packaging design which emphasises the product’s health credentials, Quaker Oats’ Super Goodness range has been designed to attract new customers and continue driving growth into the cereals category.

100272_super-goodness-rangeJeremy Gibson, PepsiCo Marketing Director, comments: “We are excited to be launching the new TV campaign for our Super Goodness range. The advert focuses on the health benefits of Super Fruits -one of two sub-ranges – at a time when consumers are increasingly seeking a wholesome, tasty breakfast containing nutritious ingredients. The new range and supporting TV campaign will add interest and help to grow the cereals category, with retailers set to benefit.”

Whilst the TV campaign focuses only on Super Fruits, there are in fact five varieties available; three ‘Super Goodness Super Grains’ flavours, all of which contain wholegrain oats, red quinoa, flaxseed and barley as well as two ‘Super Goodness Super Fruits’ flavours with wholegrain oats, real pieces of fruit and added nutrients.

Source: PepsiCo

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