US Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Takes Centre Court in ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ Campaign

Pro tennis star, Sloane Stephens, knows a thing or two about bouncing back. Rising from a broken foot and 957th world ranking, to winning the biggest tennis tournament in the US, her remarkable comeback story is a testament to her balanced approach to recovery and self-care. As she looks ahead to playing in Miami – and eventually defending her US title this summer – Stephens will show how she bounces back after each gruelling match and is ‘Built With Chocolate Milk‘.

At 25 years old, Stephens is the first American woman in her generation to win a Major title on US soil. But her preparation for the title was hardly textbook. Seven months prior, she had painful bone graft surgery to heal a broken foot, which left her off her feet for 12 weeks.

As she battled through gruelling rehab, she adopted a positive and determined mindset, focused on recovering victoriously. That same focus on recovery has been a constant through her career. For years, Stephens has trusted chocolate milk as the real deal for real recovery. Backed by 20+ studies, lowfat chocolate milk has high-quality protein to build lean muscle and nutrients to help muscles rebound.

Dubbed ‘the next big thing in American tennis,’ Stephens will be the face of the new national ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ TV, print and digital campaign, debuting on April 2. Fans will learn her secret to bouncing back match after match and be able to watch exclusive content featuring the star athlete.

“For me, there are no shortcuts. Success takes real work and real recovery,” said Stephens. “I’ve trusted chocolate milk for years. It has nutrients my body needs to get back on the court and gives me the confidence I need to come back practice after practice, match after match. And that’s key for me because I believe that when you have confidence, you can do anything.”

Stephens joins a long lineup of elite athletes who make chocolate milk their post-workout drink of choice, such as basketball star Klay Thompson, professional hockey player Zach Parise, three-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae and four-time CrossFit Champion Rich Froning.

“Sloane has a powerful story centred around recovery and for years has trusted chocolate milk to help her bounce back, so she’s the perfect match for the campaign,” said Miranda Abney, Senior Marketing Director at the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), the group behind the ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ campaign. “We have a rich history of diverse athletes, so we’re delighted to have such a strong female voice and role model join our team to share with others why she chooses chocolate milk.”

Source: Built With Chocolate Milk

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