Vaalia Goes to Yoghurt Court in New ‘Full of Feelgoodness’ Campaign

Vaalia yoghurt is both tasty and full of goodness. The trouble is, nobody believes a yoghurt can be both of these good things. Naturally, the only way to prove this was in the ‘Court Of Yoghurt’.

Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, this is the first spot for Vaalia under the new brand positioning ‘Full Of Feelgoodness’, which will continue to find memorable and entertaining ways to deliver product benefits in a category overloaded with slow-motion yoghurt swirls, smiling spokes-models and weird digestive diagrams.

Directed by Photoplay’s Gary John, ‘Court of Yoghurt’ launched recently across broadcast television.

Barbara Humphries, creative director, The Monkeys said: “This new platform shows Vaalia has a key ingredient mostly missing in the yoghurt category – a sense of humour. We wanted to have some fun, while still making sure the brand stays top of mind.”

Angela Burr, marketing director, Parmalat Australia: “For years Vaalia has been bringing Australians a range of yoghurts that taste indescribably good and are full of dairy goodness. This new campaign celebrates that Vaalia feeling – ‘Full of Feelgoodness’.”

Source: Campaign Brief

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