Warburtons Introduces ‘Gluten Freeedom’ in New Campaign by WCRS

WCRS has launched a social campaign to introduce “Gluten Freeedom”, the new brand idea for the Warburtons gluten free range, to the people of Britain who follow a gluten free diet, following the recent rebrand of the previous Warburtons’ Newburn Bakehouse range.

The campaign which has run across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, is made up of fun social posts and videos that introduce people to the bold and positive new brand identity. They also celebrate the variety of products on offer and the potentially delicious things you can do with these once you discover Gluten Freeeedom.

Andy Lee and Jonny Porthouse, creative directors at WCRS, said: “Living gluten free can be a disappointing picnic of brittle toast for breakfast and butties that never quite cut the mustard. Or, at least, that was until Warburtons brought over 140 years of baking prowess to the GF table. Now those who avoid gluten are free to enjoy proper cheese on toast and sarnies that can once again sing. It’s yet another sure-footed move from the Bolton bakery that deserved work to match: gloriously bold and positive, with a nice big dollop of Warburtons’ wit.”

Warburtons’ Director of Free From, Chris Hook added: “The start of 2018 has been a busy and exciting one for Warburtons Gluten Free, with a rebrand that has brought us under the umbrella of the Warburtons main brand. We’re looking forward to seeing how this visually bold and positive Gluten Freeeedom campaign will help us do the important jobs of not only appealing to our loyal customer base, but also increasing awareness with those who follow a gluten free diet, but don’t know that Warburtons bake a delicious range of gluten free bakery products.”

Source: WCRS 

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