We Love Jam Creates Fresh New Direction for Tic Tac

Sydney based music and sound house We Love Jam is pleased to announce its collaboration with Vine global superstar Zach King on the latest online video campaign for Ferrero brand Tic Tac.

We Love Jam approached the Vine rock star (who has over a billion loops and 3.5 million followers on the popular social media site) to become the face of Tic Tac, executing two 12-second video clips released online.

We Love Jam creative director Hylton Mowday together with managing director Andrew Stevenson and consultant Galvin Scott-Davis, developed and drove the creative concept to match Zach King with Tic Tac in an effort to speak to a youthful audience, hungry for fresh, entertaining and authentic content to share.

From the very get-go King was excited to be involved with the project believing the idea to be in-situ with his already well-established style. Shot in Los Angeles the videos are synonymous with King’s (aka FinalCutKing) effortless looking guerrilla-style filming and playful edits.

“Zach King is a clean and clever filmmaker and editor who also stars as himself in much of his content that skilfully makes the unreal look real,” said Mowday.

“His edgy filming technique and sharp editing is essentially what he’s so well known for so we left the filming to him – it’s this magic we wanted to capture.”

The opportunity to work in a completely new medium, with a new kind of Internet personality was a key highlight for the We Love Jam creative team. Having worked with Ferrero for over 10 years, across both the Tic Tac and Nutella brands, it was assuring to have a confident client on board.

“We work on a substantial amount of TVCs but the current move to reach different and emerging kinds of viewers in this new realm of advertising is a big bonus for us,” explained Mowday. “Our longstanding relationship with Ferrero only made the journey that more inventive and fun.”

Tic Tac marketing manager Anita Hancock is also inspired by the fresh new direction, stating: “We’re really happy with the work of We Love Jam and it was a great idea to get Zach King on board. His contemporary approach to filmmaking, and reach to a young and digital audience, means he’s a great fit for Tic Tac. His tricks are very playful, somewhat magical and bring a little smile to your day.”

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