Whoopi Goldberg Announces The Next Iteration of Her Whoopi Prosecco Superiore DOCG With a Premium New Design and Same Great Taste.

“Whoopi Prosecco. Tiny Bubbles. Big Taste.”

Just in time for the Holidays, Whoopi Goldberg officially releases the newest edition of the Whoopi Prosecco line. Continuing in the Premium, Sparkling Wine Category, Whoopi Prosecco has the rating of Superiore DOCG, and is made from organic grapes in the exquisite rolling hills of Asolo, Italy.

Today, Whoopi Goldberg is proud to announce the second edition of Whoopi Prosecco Superiore DOCG. Now available for preorder on www.whoopiprosecco.com, through Bottle Nexus in early December, the newest addition to the Whoopi Prosecco line will also be made available on LibDib.com for purchase by retailers, bars, and restaurants.

“Whoopi Prosecco is simple, elegant and meaningful to me.  Because I think you should have a great time, great conversations with your friends, and a great bottle of Prosecco.  Whoopi Prosecco,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg needs no introduction. The life and soul of any festive occasion, with a love for hosting, it is only right that she has her own prosecco brand. Whoopi Prosecco is a pioneer in the premium and organic prosecco space – created using Asolo Hills organic Glera grapes, grown to the exacting Veneto standards.  With tiny bubbles and a big taste, It’s vibrant. It’s authentic. Just like you.

The newest design was imagined by award-winning design firm, Butterfly Cannon, with the challenging task of capturing the essence of Whoopi and her Prosecco Brand in a premium label and design.  

“Our creative platform ‘Conversation Starters’ was inspired by Whoopi’s love of entertaining and her innate ability to bring people together. We wanted to create a centerpiece – something to be placed in the middle of a table and get people talking,” Butterfly Cannon

The design is a bold and vibrant interpretation of one of Whoopi’s get-togethers, where different personalities and conversations flow together. Colors, patterns and textures meet in a layered, artistic and expressive design that captures Whoopi’s vivacious energy. The color palette is striking – a welcome change from the muted tones you tend to see in the prosecco space. Different debossed patterns on each of the colored shapes represent different personalities and culture coming together.

The joy is in the details with the design. From the playful copy to be discovered on the labels, to the pink pull tab waiting to be opened. Once unwrapped, a pop of contrasting green inside the neck closure is revealed. Elevating details such as foiling, micro-embossing and debossing add to the playful elegance of the design. As do the authentic quality cues such as calling out the Asolo provenance, superior DOCG certification and organic grapes. The same attention to detail is carried over into the back label, elevating an area of pack that can often be neglected.

Source: Butterfly Cannon

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