Yup! and The Onion Take Nothing Nationwide in the US

Chocolate milk brand YUP! and digital media company Onion, Inc. are rallying teens and young adults across the nation to join the ‘Nothing Hour’ movement.

The beverage brand is shaking up the chocolate milk market by bringing an unconventional twist to a familiar category, using social marketing to appeal to young adults and teens rather than the usual mom and kid target.

Launched regionally in US in 2015, with creative services division of The Onion, Onion Labs, YUP!’s ‘Nothing Hour’ campaign encourages young adults to take an hour of their busy, socially-driven lives to just waste some time and do what they really want to do, not what they have to do.

“One of YUP!’s core beliefs is the importance of taking time to emotionally recharge and just be yourself,” says Clay Gruenstein, Director of Marketing for YUP!. “Onion Labs has helped us spread that message through fun, lighthearted and engaging content. They take “Nothing” as seriously as we do.”

The national marketing campaign begins July 15 (one-month prior to YUP!’s national product launch) and runs through September. The campaign features 10 original social videos, and dozens of image-based content pieces promoted across social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Since the partnership began, YUP! and Onion Labs have released several successful sharable videos, including ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with the classic tale retold through emojis, and ‘YUP! Bottle Flip’, a branded parody of a viral video depicting a teen flipping over a water bottle during a talent show. Each video generated over 1 million views on Facebook.

“There aren’t a lot of clients in the world with the guts to be silly, risky and let us try new things without overthinking it.” said Rick Hamann Onion, Inc. Chief Creative Officer. “YUP! gets it.”

YUP!, part of fairlife, L.L.C., launched in select markets in the Southeast and Northeast in 2015 and is expanding nationally beginning in August 2016.

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