Yves Béhar Continues His SodaStream Redesign

sodastream-source-bottle-by-yves-behar_lapm_473After redesigning the SodaStream last year, Yves Béhar has now created a new bottle to go with the home soda maker, which is inspired by a drop motif.

The new bottle design, called Source, will be sold with all future SodaStream machines and is available in three colours: black, chrome and white.

The drop motif is also used as a surface pattern on the SodaStream machine and, according to SodaStream, ‘creates a sense of fluidity and modernity’.

Yaron Kopel, SodaStream chief innovation and design officer, says, ‘We set ourselves the challenge of creating a bottle that not only held pressure while carbonating and could be used more than 5000 times, but also looked beautiful on the kitchen table.’

The bottle’s launch material has been created by a team including art director Micha Weidmann, creative director Jacob Peres and photographer Tom Mannion and features a photoshoot also based around the splash concept.

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