A Line Of Cold Coffee Drinks That Have Been Brewed With Weed

Legal1Based in Washington, food and drink company Mirth Provisions has come up with a line of cold coffee drinks that have been brewed with cannabis.

Named Legal, which references the legalization of pot in the state, this “wake and bake” drink promises an “uplifting head high”. The drink contains 20-miligrams of locally grown weed, and is enough to mellow people without taking away their focus.

“We want the experience to be more similar to that if you had a nice IPA or glass of wine. We don’t want to pack so much [weed] into every one of our drinks that it’s unpleasant,” said Adam Stites, the creator of these drinks.

These drinks will be regulated by the state and will go through a final inspection in the coming weeks. A price will be determined after the drinks have passed inspection.















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