A New App By Jawbone That Helps You Track Your Coffee Intake

UpCoffee1Fitness tracker Jawbone has launched an app to combat our society’s addiction to one of the greatest, most commonly-used stimulant of all time—caffeine.

Their app named ‘Up Coffee’ lets you track the amount of caffeine you consume, even those you accidentally consume in soda, chocolate, and other foods. It then goes on to show how it can affect the quality of your sleep.

UpCoffee2On the app’s home screen, a large beaker appears to be filled with beads as you log in the caffeinated food you consume. The level of beads in the beaker changes in real-time as the caffeine effect wears off from your body. As soon as you log another coffee you consume, you will see the level of beads spike again.

UpCoffee3This app allows you to know how alert you are, and when is the best time to go to sleep without the effects of caffeine affecting you.

The information collected will then be collated into Insight Reports, to be used in conjunction with the Jawbone Up band. By collecting all this data, the app can help each user make better health choices.

According to Jawbone’s vice president of product management and strategy, Travis Bogard, Jawbone is now focusing on using data to help people act on changing their health patterns.

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