Absolut Comeback / Recycle – Sustainability wins with bold redesign.

Case Study: Winner of 2 x Gold FAB Awards and Joint Winner of FABulous ( Best In Show ) Packaging Design at The 22nd FAB Awards

FAB News are looking at back at some of the outstanding projects that were awarded at the recently concluded FAB Awards. We spoke with John Lagervist, Executive Creative Director at Drama Queen Communications.

Their Absolut Comeback / Recycle project won 2 x Gold FAB Awards and a joint FABulous ( Best in Show ) for Packaging Design at The 22nd FAB Awards.

“Sustainability is at the core of the Absolut brand and we are thrilled that it gets the attention it deserves, especially during exceptional times like these. We want to thank our clients, colleagues and collaborators for getting aboard with this bold redesign”, ”It is a testament to the agency and client, that after 15 years together – we still produce award winning work”. John Lagerqvist, ECD, Drama Queen.

Absolut have for many years used its bottles to tell consumers about the brand. Absolut is best in class in using recycled glass. More than 41% of the glass in Absolut’s bottles is recycled. In many countries and US states, recycling systems are not available. Absolut wanted to put the light on this fact, and at the same time tell our own recycling story. How can you use the bottle to do this?

To dramatize that Absolut uses as much recycled glass as possible, we smashed Absolut bottles and used the shards to create a new, recycled, bottle. Or rather the design of it.

After creating the design concept, the bottle smashing started. We 3D-printed a bottle shape, with debossed spaces for where we could put shards. (Some parts of the bottle has to be kept in its original shape in order for the bottle to be industrially produced.) Once we were satisfied with the look, the glass/plastic model was scanned to form a 3D CAD file. The next step was to make small adjustments to create a bottle with exact measurements and feasible for production and logistics, i.e. durable etc.
All style elements are random and from authentic recycled bottles. Many of the design choices we had to make were made because of practicalities. Creating a new bottle shape for millions of bottles is not particularly easy.

The bottle is just launched, so it is too early to compile the results. But the initial impact has been huge, and sales impressive. The bottle is produced in millions, and sold in over 80 countries around the world.


Mårten Knutsson, CCO
John Lagerqvist, ECD
Fredrik Linquist, Art Director
Anna Perrolf, Copy
Anna-Karin Rosén, Designer
Annika Rehn-Frobell, Strategist
Johan Lundgren, Account Director
Sara Kindbom, Production manager

Ardag Group, Industrial Design

Source: FAB News

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