Absolut & Rafael Grampa Collaborate On Crowd-Sourced Animated Film

As part of the brand’s global campaign, Transform Today, Absolut has announced a new project with graphic novelist Rafael Grampa, one of the featured artists of the campaign.

Entitled Next Frame, the collaboration will invite users from around the world to help shape what happens within a new original story created by Grampa – as he writes it. Once the story is complete, the brand will work with Grampa to transform the still drawings into an animated film, which will premiere in Berlin at MADE, a creative space by Absolut, on March 15th.

Jonas Tahlin, Absolut VP of Global Marketing explained how the project fit into the brand’s new global campaign:

“With the launch of Transform Today, Absolut announced that it would be changing the way it works with artists. Next Frame is the first outcome of that promise. Grampa’s unique style of illustration has already distinguished him within the graphic novel community, but we wanted to give him an opportunity to transform his craft even further, allowing for new creative opportunities. Not only will he be co-writing the Next Frame story with online users, but he will also be imagining a fully original story in live motion – a first for him.”

BffBxtaIAAAx0auBuilding on the Transform Today ideal of ‘The future is not a given, it’s yours to create’, the project opens new possibilities for the Brazilian graphic novelist, who’s inspirational personal story is a central pillar to the campaign. After transforming his life to follow his dream of becoming a comic book artist, he has found success by creating entire worlds out of nothing but his imagination and a pen. Next Frame challenges Grampa, who also recently designed the Absolut ‘Karnival’ bottle, to transform his work even further by adapting his story on-the-fly, based on consumer interaction.

According to Tahlin, “Absolut has always believed that collaboration can bring out new creative potential. Next Frame offers the possibility of a three-way collaboration, with Grampa creating the world and characters of the story, online users shaping the direction, and then Absolut and Grampa working together to create an animated film. Through this multi-part collaboration, Next Frame transforms the artistic process in the most true sense.”

When describing the project, Grampa explained, “I am always looking for ways to transform my work. With Next Frame, I have a chance to do something I’ve never done before by co-writing the story with users online, and also by turning the illustrated story into my own animated film. It’s a very exciting project, and I am happy to be working with a brand that allows me to try new things in the way I work.”

The Next Frame project will begin on February 3rd, when the story is introduced on Absolut’s Facebook page. Users will then have multiple points of intervention where they can decide how the characters will progress in the story. After each decision, Grampa will create the next piece of the story, inventing new places for the characters to explore — up until the next crucial moment that users can provide input. After two weeks of international online collaboration, ending on February 21st Grampa will polish the final film, which will then be unveiled at MADE in Berlin on March 15th.

The goal of the Transform Today campaign is to inspire people to tap into their creative potential and explore their ability to create a new future.  Next Frame is the first example of how Absolut will bring this goal to life. In the coming months, additional collaborations with the campaign artists Woodkid, Yiqing Yin, and Aaron Koblin will be announced. Each collaboration will provide opportunities for users to interact and explore the inspirational message of Transform Today.

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